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Candidates Singing Own Praises Fall Flat

Article from the Wall Street Journal –

“When it comes to self-promotion in the workplace, hiring managers say some people go too far and block their path to the next level. You might call them the corporate world’s “American Idol” wannabes. Like many contestants on the reality TV show who extol the greatness of their singing abilities and then end up sent home, corporate idols sing praises about their abilities without delivering tangible evidence to back up the claims.

And recruiters and employers say they’re seeing the behavior more frequently in the current bad economy, as some candidates try harder to impress interviewers and workers go out of their way to hang on to their jobs.”

Weak Ties

The Art of Making Online ‘Friends’ provides a interesting perspective on social networks as a way to leverage what is known in sociology circles as “weak ties”. This support group provides a bridge between tighter groups of friends and gives the job seeker additional avenues to explore.

An observation in the article is that people tend to become more persistent in “friending” others when they are searching for a job. I believe that networking should be something that you do continually. Starting in times of distress won’t provide you with as good results as if you had nurtured your network all along. Are you on LinkedIn? What about Facebook? How do you maintain contact information of the people you went to college with or your ex-coworkers?